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Summer is here, and that means summer boating events. While our Marine Diesel Specialists in South Florida are excited to hit the water, our diesel specialists want to share some boat safety tips to keep your children safe during boating season.

Wear a Life Jacket

Our marine engine rebuilders in Florida strongly recommend having children wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket while boating. Be sure to select the right life jacket for your child’s age and weight. For younger children, we suggest choosing a life vest with a leg strap and head support.  

Bring Swimming Aids

Water wings or other swimming aids are helpful to bring on board when boating with children that are not strong swimmers. Know that without proper safety precautions, however, swimming aids do not prevent drowning in strong currents.  Always have children in your sight when they are in the water.

Invest in Swimming Lessons

Our marine diesel repair specialists highly advise investing in swimming lessons for your kids before bringing them on board a boat or yacht. One benefit of swimming lessons for children is to teach water safety.

Educate Children about the Ocean

Once your kids learn how to swim properly, inform them about the different water hazards. Swimming in the ocean is more challenging than swimming in a pool or lake due to currents, undertows, and rocky surfaces. Educate children about safety precautions in the sea, including not to dive off a boat to prevent injuries.  

Establish Rules on the Boat

To minimize injuries or accidents, establish strict rules on the boat or yacht for your children to follow. Rules for your kids should include, but are not limited to:

·       Do not run on the boat

·       Do not dive off the boat

·       Do not hold sharp or heavy objects while the boat is in motion

·       Wear a floatation device or swimming aid in the ocean

·       Only swim in designated swimming areas with supervision

Teach Water Survival Skills

When children learn water survival skills and nautical safety, it helps prevent injuries and accidents while being on a boat. Instruct your children to look out for posted signs for water hazards or to take a family boating safety course to learn all about boating safety.

Pack Essential Safety Items on Board

Our marine technicians have composed a comprehensive list of what you should keep on board the boat. Some essential safety items to pack while having children onboard include:

·       Plenty of Water

·       Sunscreen and Hat

·       Life Vest and Swimming Aids

·       First Aid Kit

·       Snacks

Our authorized dealers for MAN engines hope these boat safety tips for kids help make this boating season safer and fun for everyone.

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