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Below Deck has become one of, if not the, most popular television show that is centered on the nautical world. The series follows a Yacht crew around the world and presents viewers with a look into life aboard luxury yachts as a crew member as opposed to a passenger. But is ‘Below Deck’ scripted? Marine Diesel Specialists, certified MAN engine experts with experience in all things boating, have decided to thoroughly investigate the show and present their findings here! So, is ‘Below Deck’ real or scripted?

How Real Is Below Deck?

On ‘Below Deck’, real sections are very prevalent in the show. It is quite an accurate show that does not appear to have too many scripted sections. The “cast” members all do have experience in yachting and do currently still serve aboard boats all around the world! Many former cast and crew members have also come forward and defended the show’s authenticity, and considering that they are no longer on the show and have no current affiliation with it, the Below Deck realness argument has more ground to stand on. On top of this, there are actually no professional actors on the show. The guests who often cause problems for the crews are actual guests, though they were interviewed before going on and vetted by the production team. The episodes appear to be guided by a vision but are not outwardly scripted. How realistic is Below Deck? It would appear to be very realistic, but things are often not so simple.

Are There Any Below Deck Scripted Sections?

Despite the lack of a script or professional actors to make situations more dramatic on the show, is any aspect of Below Deck staged or exaggerated? Yes, there are actually several aspects of the show that are not realistic or can even appear to be staged. The most obvious would be the Below Deck boat names being faked. That is more so done for privacy and security, so while an ‘inaccurate’ depiction of the vessel’s name, it isn’t anything to fault the series for. The most glaring issue would perhaps be the tip amount that the crew receives for their time on the ship. It is much more than any actual crew member would expect to receive. The amount of time a crewmember would need to spend on a yacht to make as much as the staff on the show would be longer, though the amount of money is correct for a venture. In conclusion, is Below Deck real? Mostly!

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