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There are many costs associated with yacht ownership, and fuel is one of the biggest concerns for yacht owners and those who charter yachts. There are many different systems within your yacht that will require diesel fuel, and new versus used marine engines will bring different fuel efficiencies. So, how do you calculate yacht fuel cost per hour? We share some expertise on calculating yacht fuel cost.

Infographic - Calculating Yacht Fuel CostHow to Calculate Nautical Miles

 The first key in calculating yacht fuel cost is to figure out how far you will be traveling. Mapping out your journey will help you see how many miles you’re traveling, and then you’ll convert this to nautical miles. Nautical miles are measured in two options, either 1/60th of a degree between latitude or longitude on a map, or as 1.15 US miles.

So, if you’re choosing your destination on a traditional map, each 1/60th of a degree on your map will calculate as a nautical mile. For those of us who are using GPS tools or digital maps, one nautical mile is about 1.15 miles or 1,852 meters. Traditionally, a knot is the speed of one nautical mile per hour. Many people use Google Maps to measure distance between two points, helping to calculate nautical miles.

How to Calculate Yacht Fuel Cost with Nautical Miles

 Now that you know the nautical miles between your starting point and destination, you can analyze your yacht’s average fuel consumption to figure out your fuel costs. The exact rate of yacht fuel cost per hour will vary from yacht to yacht depending on engine type, age, upkeep, and more. Your yacht’s HP will influence its fuel burn.

On average, a quality marine diesel engine will burn about 0.4 pounds of fuel per hour for each unit of horsepower. Other factors, such as water conditions, drag, and vessel weight will also increase your fuel burn. In average conditions, a 300 horsepower diesel engine would burn 16.6 gallons of diesel fuel per hour. 1 You would then combine this fuel consumption per hour with the number of nautical miles to be traveled and the expected travel time to calculate your yacht fuel cost.


Marine Diesel Fuel Costs

 Marine diesel fuel is typically sold by the liter or gallon, and the prices vary depending on the time of year and other factors. The cost per gallon will also influence how much you’ll be spending on your diesel fuel. Though diesel fuel is often more expensive than gasoline, it allows engines to operate with higher efficiency and less fuel waste. Contact our team at Marine Diesel Specialists at Gulf Coast Diesel Service to learn more about fuel costs and tips.